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Celebrate Science Day with 28 Days of STEM Activities for Kids

stem activities for kids

We have a special tradition that we enjoy every February. As winter drags on and the chill seems never-ending, we are here with some exciting STEM activities for kids.

Get ready to dive into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as we go on our 28 Days of STEM Activities for Kids. 

Throughout the month, we’ll be revealing more than 28 projects to spark curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in both children and classrooms on every day of each activity. Let’s get started.

Why Kids Need STEM Activities 

STEM activities are important for kids because they help build critical thinking skills, practical knowledge, curiosity, teamwork, and resilience. 

It includes hands-on projects such as building robots, conducting experiments, or coding programs to help children develop problem-solving skills while teaching them valuable life skills. 

These activities make learning more enjoyable, inspiring a desire for discovery and innovation. 

Furthermore, collaborating on STEM tasks teaches children effective communication and teamwork, preparing them for future challenges.

28 STEM Activities for kids 

Science Activities for Kids (Week 1)

science activities for kids

Engaging in science experiments allows students to discover the wonders of nature. 

These hands-on projects, ranging from colorful chemistry experiments to exciting physics demonstrations, spark curiosity and encourage a love of scientific discovery.

1. Cool Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids || Left Brain Craft Brain

2. Build A Functioning Heart Model || STEAM Powered Family

3. Inflate a Balloon || Science Kiddo

4. Apple Volcano Experiment || STEAM Powered Family

5. Lemon Battery & Lime Light || BabbleDabble Do

6. How to grow bean sprouts with kids || iGameMom

7. Find ways to slow soil erosion || Third GradeThinkers

Technology Activities for Kids  (Week 2)

technology activities for kids

Get into the digital world with technology activities that encourage creativity and innovation. 

From coding activities to exploring robotics and circuits, these projects help kids become tech-savvy problem solvers who are prepared to face future challenges.

1. Make Paper Circuit Cards || STEM SUNQ

2. How to Make a Coin Battery || Teach Beside Me

3. DIY Model Robot Hand || Mom Brite

4. Steady Hand Game at Left Brain Craft Brain

5. Code Your Own Art Bot || Kids STEAM Lab

6. Teach Kids Binary in One Simple Step || Science Kiddo

7.Electromagnet doorbell || GeekPackHack

Engineering Activities for Kids  (Week 3)

Engineering activities for kids

Engineering activities that encourage children to design, build, and test their creations help stimulate their imagination and creativity. 

From building bridges and towers to experimenting with simple machines, these projects motivate future engineers to dream big and think outside the box.

1. Build STEM Floating Boat || STEMSUNQ

2. Upcycled Suspension Bridge || Left Brain Craft Brain

3. Link up the longest paper chain || Frugal Fun 4 Boys 

4. STEAM Challenge: Building a structure you can balance on your finger (or your nose) || Gift of Curiosity

5. Design a balloon-powered car || One Little Project

6. How to Build a Da Vinci Bridge with Pencils || iGame Mom

7. Rubber Band Car DIY || Figment Creative Labs

Math Activities for Kids  (Week 4)

Math activities for kids

Make math come living with interactive math activities that transform numbers into entertaining puzzles. 

These math stem activities for kids, which range from hands-on geometry projects to mathematical games and puzzles, help children develop important math skills while also having fun.

1. Math Fact Building Cards || Left Brain Craft Brain

2. Origami Friendship Math Quilts || Pink Stripey Socks

3. What Are the Chances? || Science Buddies

4. LEGO Movie Superhero Math || iGame Mom

5. Shapes and Spelling STEM Game for Kids || Steam Powered Family


7. Candy Math and Science || ScienceKiddo.

So these are 28 Stem activities for kids to do each activity every day which helps kids to learn new things while enjoying and engaging.

I hope you like this blog post. If you have any queries let me know in the comments section.

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