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Mini projects for students

10 Amazing Mini Projects for Students

10 Amazing Mini Projects for Students 1. How To Make a Wireless Power Transfer System Explore the world of modern technology with this DIY mini-project. You can develop your wireless power transmission system that works similarly to those present in smartphones and other electronic gadgets by

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Autumn Activities for Kindergarten

7 Amazing Autumn Activities for Kindergarten

Autumn is here and it’s a great time for activities for kindergarten students! With the leaves changing colors and a chilly breeze in the air, there’s plenty of pleasure to be experienced. From playing in leaf tons to visiting pumpkin patches, autumn is full of exciting

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Number Sense Activities

7 Interesting Number Sense Activities

Number sense is a foundational skill that drives mathematical learning.  Knowing numbers isn’t enough; you also must understand their relationships, magnitude, and how they can be modified.  Children who develop a strong math foundation with number sense activities will be better prepared to succeed in advanced

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Construction Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

12 Interesting Construction Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Hey there, creative parents and guardians! In an age where gadgets increasingly grabbing children’s attention. Right? And you want to take out your kids from radiation of these gadgets and looking for a fun and creative way to keep your kids engaged. If yes, then you

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free printable worksheets for kids

9 Free Printable Worksheets for Kids

In this digital world, children are engaging a lot on mobile screens and forget about physical learning. It is a little bit hard to see them learning physically.  So that’s why we came up with the solution to this problem. In this blog post, you will

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Science Experiments for Students

10 Interesting Science Experiments for Students

Science experiments for students are more than just educational activities; they boost students’ interest and hands-on learning experiments.  This science experiment provides deep learning about science to gain firsthand experience with scientific principles, which develops critical thinking and creativity.  In this blog post, you will get

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stem activities for kids

Celebrate Science Day with 28 Days of STEM Activities for Kids

We have a special tradition that we enjoy every February. As winter drags on and the chill seems never-ending, we are here with some exciting STEM activities for kids. Get ready to dive into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as we go on

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Paper Circuit Cards

How to Make Paper Circuit Cards with Easy Steps

The ultimate combination of science, technology, art, and design is found in the creation of paper circuit cards.  Because of this, you can use this stem project for fun at home, at library events, or as part of any STEAM or STEM curriculum at your school. 

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Scientific Significance of Makar Sankranti.

5 Scientific Significance of Makar Sankranti, You Should Know

A colorful and popular festival celebrated all over India, Makar Sankranti is particularly special to millions of people. It signifies the end of winter and the beginning of longer days as the sun enters the sign of Capricorn. Beyond its traditional celebrations, Do you know the

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stem education in india

Stem Education in India 2024, Know How it is Growing

STEM stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) so before we discuss STEM education in India, let’s first discuss how and when STEM came. STEM education came about in the early 2000s as a way to bring together science, technology, engineering, and math for students.  STEM

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