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10 Interesting Science Experiments for Students

Science Experiments for Students

Science experiments for students are more than just educational activities; they boost students’ interest and hands-on learning experiments. 

This science experiment provides deep learning about science to gain firsthand experience with scientific principles, which develops critical thinking and creativity. 

In this blog post, you will get to know 10 interesting and amazing science experiments for students. Let’s get started.

10 Interesting Science Experiments for Students

1. Lungs Working Model || The Amaze Lab

An interesting science experiment about the working of human lungs. This experiment offers a great learning experience about human lungs, with easy-to-get materials like a bottle, balloon, straws, and other basic instruments. 

This experiment is really helpful for children and learning new things while engaging. 

2. How to generate free energy || Simple Tips

Do you want to know how to generate free energy for igniting a bulb without using any electric current? So this experiment will teach you how to do that. 

It offers an understanding of the energy principles to ignite a bulb with just lemon, soda with water. 

By doing such hands-on STEM-based activities, children will learn the deep concept behind everything about what they want to do or learn. This experiment offers a deep learning about an electric current.

3. Make Automatic water Fountain Without Electricity || Creative fest

This experiment is amazing! Making an automatic water fountain without electricity is an amazing and interesting experiment. It’s like a magical fountain with just water bottles. 

The main thing I like in this experiment is the non-stop water flowing. This is a very interesting and engaging experiment for children and also provides deep learning about how things work.  

4. How salty is the sea? || Nanogirl 

Have to ever tasted the sea water? It is salty right? So this is an experiment about how salty the seawater is. 

This experiment provides learning to understand the difference between normal and seawater (sea water). 

To do this experiment you just need water, two eggs, two glasses, and some spoons of salt. By doing this experiment you will learn how sea water is different from our daily life water (normal water).


This is an amazing and interesting experiment to know the basic needs of plants to grow. In this experiment using Mung (moong) bean seed. Plants need sunlight, water, nutrients, and space to grow. 

So these are the things children will learn by doing themselves. By doing this experiment children will learn about plants, nature, how they grow, and many other things.

6. Air car science project || Genius Theory

Have you seen a car that runs on air instead of fuel? This science project shows the power of air and offers a core principle about it. 

How air moves the object with its power. This is an engaging experiment for children. They will enjoy making this air car project and understand the power of air. 

It also develops creativity to build such amazing things through amazing natural things.  

7. Water Dispenser Machine From Cardboard ||CREATOR GUY 

An amazing project to provide great learning for young innovators is a water dispenser machine from just cardboard. 

This is also a very interesting and engaging experiment for children. 

By using just water bottles and cardboard, children will learn new science and use their creativity to build such amazing and interesting projects. 

Just place the glass and turn around the tap, and you will get water, just like a water tap.

8. Dancing balloon || Genius Theory

Dancing Balloon is a fun and engaging science experiment allowing students to discover creativity’s wonders. This experiment requires only a balloon, a coin, and a rubber. 

Children will be amazed to see how basic activities may provide such interesting outcomes. It’s a great way to pique their interest in the field of science.

9. Make a Lemon Volcano || Science Buddies

Make a Lemon Volcano is a fun and interactive science project that mixes the acidity of lemons with the fizz of soda to produce a volcanic eruption. It’s a great approach to teach children about chemical reactions and acid-base interactions in a fun and memorable way. 

10. Magnet Magic ||Babble Dabble Do

Magnet Magic is a wonderful scientific experiment that exposes children to the interesting science of magnetism and magnetic fields. 

With a few simple items, such as magnets and small metal objects, children can investigate the invisible forces that control magnet movement.

Read this blog post to learn another 70 easy science experiments for students.

So this was about 10 Interesting science experiments for students.

I hope you like this, If you have any queries let me know in the comments.

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