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"TARA VR" Workshop

STEM SUNQ’s new adventure into the world of imagination! We took kids on an exciting adventure through the ‘TARA VR’  Workshop! With immersive experiences and endless creativity, we’re reinventing education one virtual journey at a time!

Through interactive sessions, we introduced children to the wonders of VR technology, igniting their imagination and opening doors to new way of learning.

STEM Programs for Private Schools

Explore a world of customized STEM learning created just for private educational institutions. At STEMSUNQ, our private school programs are carefully designed to spark students’ curiosity, encourage creativity, and provide them for the challenges of the future. Discover the special benefits that our programs—which combine innovative curriculum with experiential learning opportunities—bring to private school environments. Join us in achieving your students’ full potential through STEM education. 


Science For Kids

Discover the wonders of science through hands-on experiments, making learning engaging and exciting for kids of all ages. Our Science for Kids programs foster curiosity and exploration, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of discovery.

Learn more about science with our entertaining experiments, interesting facts, free games, exercises, lesson plans, quizzes, movies, images, and science fair project ideas.

Maths For Kids

Math for Kids transforms numerical concepts into playful adventures, offering interactive activities that make learning math enjoyable and accessible. Join us as we cultivate confidence in math skills, setting the stage for academic success.

Learn about numbers, great phrases, and forms such as squares, cubes, triangles, spheres, and circles.


English For Kids

English for Kids opens the door to language exploration with creative activities, storytelling, and interactive games. Our programs create a fun and immersive environment, building strong language skills and nurturing a lifelong appreciation for communication.

Find a variety of free teaching tools that are ideal for English students, ESL classes, and teachers seeking for new ideas Get down loadable worksheets, and other resources!

Custom STEM Learning Projects That Fit for Private Schools

Would you like to take student learning from ROTE to REAL?

Encourage the switch from chalk and talk to student-focused mode.

Provide opportunities for a deeper understanding of concepts.

Would you like to start STEM learning in your school?

Implement 21st century STEM learning for just as Rs. 500 per student.

Would you like to boost your science curriculum with minimal effort?

Encourage children to become tomorrow’s innovators.

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Want project-based learning for primary & middle school students?

Provide project-based learning experiences for primary and middle school students to teach the value of experimentation.

Encourage curiosity and interest in science.

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Do you want your school to stand out from the competition?

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and increase student admissions.

Focus on project-based learning as an asset at your school.

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Would you like to convert classrooms into labs to solve the lack of space at your school?

Get rid of the high capital and operating costs associated with running a lab.

Get better results for a fraction of the cost.

STEM Education Benefits for School

1. Better Teaching Methods 2. Creative Thinking Encouraged 3. Innovative Teaching Support 4. Sparks Love for Learning

1. Keeps Curiosity Alive 2. Solves Problems Effectively 3. Boosts Creativity and Fun 4. Gets Ready for the Future

1. Builds Varied Skill Sets 2. Keeps Interest High 3. Boosts Confidence and Prep 4. Guides Future Careers

1. More Students Attracted 2. Better School Reputation 3. Graduates Ready for Success 4. Modern Education Support