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10 Exciting Science Craft Ideas for Kids to Do in the Summer Season

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Are you ready to go on a journey of learning and creativity? Science experiments do not have to be made up solely of serious and boring equations. In reality, it can be quite entertaining and exciting, especially when paired with crafts! Whether you’re an aspiring scientist or someone who enjoys getting their hands dirty, In this blog post I will show you 10 exciting science craft ideas. So let’s get started!

10 Exciting Science Craft Ideas for Kids

Balloon Rocket

Create a DIY rocket with a straw, thread, and balloon. Discover Newton’s third law of motion as the balloon moves forward, teaching you about action and reaction. Experiment with different lengths of thread and balloon sizes to discover how they change the rocket’s flight distance.

Homemade Slime

Get soft with homemade slime! Create a batch using glue, borax, and water, and learn about polymers and non-Newtonian fluids—experiment with ratios to create different textures and consistency. Squish, squeeze and stretch your slime to uncover its features and behaviors.

Rainbow Paper

Make your rainbow paper with an easy scientific experiment. Cut pieces of coffee filters and dip them in a water and food coloring solution. Lay the strips flat to dry, then watch the colors combine and spread into bright rainbow patterns. Use your rainbow paper to make greeting cards or bookmarks.

Magic Milk Art

Magic milk painting allows you to explore surface tension and chemical reactions. Pour milk into a shallow bowl and add drops of food coloring. Then, apply a cotton swab or toothpick in dish soap to the milk. Observe how the colors swirl and dance across the surface of the milk, forming beautiful patterns.

Glowing Bouncy Balls

Make your bouncing balls that show in the dark. Mix borax, cornstarch, and glow-in-the-dark paint to make a bouncing ball mixture. Form the mixture into balls and let dry overnight. The next day, you’ll have glowing bouncy balls, perfect for midnight play!

Soda Bottle Terrarium

Build a small environment within a Coke bottle! Create your self-sustaining terrarium and learn about plant growth and the water cycle. Experiment with various plants and soil types to determine which ones flourish in your aquarium.

Fizzing Volcano

Make your small volcano by combining baking soda and vinegar. Watch as the bubble explosion shows chemical reactions and the force of gas release. Add food coloring or dish soap to the mixture and observe how it changes as it explodes.

Seed Germination Necklace

Wear a piece of nature with a seed growth necklace! Make a wearable garden by growing seeds in a clear locket or pendant packed with damp cotton. See the natural process of germination as the tiny seeds sprout and grow, transforming your necklace into a living piece of art.

DIY Tornado in a Jar

Enjoy an explosion of joy with a handmade tornado in a jar! Pour a glass jar with water and a couple of drops of dish soap. Give it a spin and observe how the vortex forms, showing the motion of fluids and tornado creation. As you watch the tornado swirl in the jar, you may learn about the amazing interaction of air and water.

Fizzing Bath Bombs

Mix bubbling and fragrant bath bombs for a wonderful bathtime experience! To make bombs, use baking soda, citric acid, and fragrant oils. Watch as they smoke and dissolve in the bathwater, producing bubbles and fragrances. Enjoy a relaxing soak in your handmade bath bombs while learning about chemical reactions and the science of sparkling.

So this was the 10 amazing and exciting science craft ideas for kids.

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