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9 Free Printable Worksheets for Kids

free printable worksheets for kids

In this digital world, children are engaging a lot on mobile screens and forget about physical learning. It is a little bit hard to see them learning physically. 

So that’s why we came up with the solution to this problem. In this blog post, you will know how you can see your children learning physically. 

I am going to provide 9 Free printable worksheets for kids. These worksheets are going to offer an engaging and enjoyable learning experience without getting bored and without using a mobile phone. So let’s get started.

9 Free Printable Worksheets for Kids

1. Coloring Alphabets Free Worksheets

Coloring Pages Alphabets Free Worksheets

Color the alphabet on these printable worksheets and let your kids learn about the deep learning about the alphabet while enjoying and enjoying. 

This worksheet helps your kids to develop a new way of learning without getting bored. 

DOWNLOAD these worksheets for free.

2. Preschool Phonics A To Z Alphabets With Words Free Worksheets

Preschool Phonics Free Worksheets

This is the second part of the free printable worksheets for kids they will need after doing the above alphabet activity worksheets. 

With this Phonics A to Z  Capital and Small letters with words, Your kids will not only learn about the alphabet but also some words that come with that alphabet with spelling and with the picture of the object, the word is about in the worksheets. 

Let’s look at an example to understand better: let’s take alphabet A, the words can come with the starting of Alphabet A. It will be Apple, Ant, and Angel with these words, It will be mentioned with its Pictures. 

So this an engaging activity worksheet for kids to learn about capital and small alphabets with some words and pictures. 

DOWNLOAD these worksheets for free.

3. Learn and Trace the Shapes Kids Activities Free Worksheets

Shapes Preschool Activities Free Worksheets

Now let your kids dive into learning about shapes which is the part of Maths. These shape-free activity worksheets help your kids learn and explore the different types of shapes with names. 

These worksheets offer great visuals of shapes that keep children engaged to learn and build confidence to learn and explore more. 

In these shape worksheets, your kids will learn about shapes and will also learn about how to draw them by tracing and practicing frequently. 

DOWNLOAD these worksheets for free. 

4. Emotions Activity For Girls Free Worksheets

Emotions Activity for Girls Free Worksheets

This activity worksheet is specially for kids and girls which is an emotional activity for girls free worksheet. 

This is a very interesting and engaging worksheet that takes your kids’ learning to the next level and lets them learn and explore new things. 

In these worksheets, you kid girls learn about the different emotions with names and attractive pictures of girls. 

These emotion activity worksheets help your kids learn about the different human emotions and identify them by seeing them on someone’s face. 

DOWNLOAD this free worksheet.   

5. Emotions Activity For Boys Free Worksheets

Emotions Activity for Boys Free Worksheets

Now this is an emotional activity for boys, well the content of this activity and learning will be the same. 

The only difference is the above activity is for kids/girls with emotional pictures of girls and in this worksheet, it is for boys with emotional pictures of boys. 

So this emotion activity worksheet takes your kid’s learning to the next level in an engaging way. And develop confidence and interest to learn more.

DOWNLOAD these free worksheets.  

6. Human Anatomy Free Worksheets

Human Anatomy Free Worksheets

This is some next level of activity worksheets with engaging and interesting content which is human anatomy learning worksheets. 

Which teaches your kids about human body parts with names and pictures. 

These worksheets offer valuable teaching about the human body to kids which is about human body parts, human skeleton, and human organ system with names and pictures in a very interesting and engaging way. 

DOWNLOAD these free worksheets. 

7. Color To Fruits And Vegetables Free Worksheets For Kids

Color to Fruits and Vegetables Free Worksheets for Kids

Coloring fruits and vegetables free worksheets offer kids to develop creativity and imagination skills by giving color to fruits and vegetables on their own. 

This is an engaging and interesting activity worksheet for kids. Which helps to know about different types of fruits with names and pictures.  

DOWNLOAD these free worksheets.

8. Animal’s Coloring Adventure Free Worksheets

Beautiful Birds Coloring Adventure Free Worksheets

Enjoy a fantastic experience with our Beautiful Birds Coloring experience and Free Worksheets! 

Your kids are going to have a wide variety of amazing bird kinds to choose from and may express their creativity by bringing these beautiful birds to life in their preferred colors. 

DOWNLOAD this free worksheet

9. Creative Coloring Challenge Free Worksheets For Kids

Creative Coloring Challenge Free Worksheets for Kids

These creative color challenge worksheets offer opportunities for imaginative expression as children engage in exciting coloring exercises. Each worksheet serves as an empty palette on one side, with a color picture on the other half. These worksheets promote creative and artistic growth in a fun and engaging manner 

DOWNLOAD this free worksheet.

So this was about the 9 free printable worksheets for kids which help to learn them while engaging a enjoying. You don’t need to pay anything to get this worksheet, It’s FREE just download it. And see the difference in your child’s learning.

Hope you get value from this post. If you have any queries let me know in the comments.

And remember to share who needed this.

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