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7 Amazing Autumn Activities for Kindergarten

Autumn Activities for Kindergarten

Autumn is here and it’s a great time for activities for kindergarten students! With the leaves changing colors and a chilly breeze in the air, there’s plenty of pleasure to be experienced.

From playing in leaf tons to visiting pumpkin patches, autumn is full of exciting things to do waiting to be discovered. In this blog post, you will know seven amazing autumn activities for kindergarten that will make this season unforgettable for kids.

7 Amazing Autumn Activities for Kindergarten

Leaf Art Fun

Start the season by turning fallen leaves into beautiful pieces of art. Inspire children to try leaf rubbings, leaf painting, and leaf printing. Provide a variety of creative things, such as crayons, watercolors, and tempera paints, to encourage creativity.

They can use the autumn leaves’ unique shapes and textures to create amazing colors and designs. Display their masterpieces throughout the classroom to celebrate their creativity, and consider holding an art show for families to see their work.

Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Visit a nearby pumpkin patch for an exciting day of exploring! Before the trip, introduce kids to several types of pumpkins and squash through books and photographs.

Allow kids to pick up their own pumpkins while learning about sizes, shapes, and colors. Back in the classroom, set up a pumpkin exploration table where students can measure, weigh, and conduct simple experiments with their pumpkins.

Explore concepts such as stability by seeing if pumpkins float or sink in water, or practice counting and sorting pumpkin seeds. Encourage kids to record their discoveries in a pumpkin exploration diary.

Apple Science Exploration

Experience the world of apples with a series of hands-on science experiments! Begin by explaining the life cycle of an apple tree and how apples grow.

There’s plenty of excitement here, from apple volcanoes to apple oxidation experiments. Children can learn about floating, density, and chemical reactions while discovering nature’s perfect fruit.

Cut an apple and observe how the color changes over time to explain the oxidation process. They’ll also get to eat some tasty apple snacks along the journey! Consider introducing apple-tasting sessions where children can try different varieties and vote on their favorites.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Take on an interesting treasure hunt through the autumn environment! Make a list of seasonal treasures for kids to discover, such as acorns, pinecones, various sorts of leaves, and animal footprints.

Encourage children to use their observation skills while searching and provide exciting details about each discovery. Provide magnification glasses and natural guidebooks to help them explore.

After the treasure hunt, bring the group together to discuss their findings and make a team nature collage with the materials they found. Encourage children to express themselves through art by including natural elements in their creations.

Harvest Festival Fun

Host a colorful autumn party at your school! Set up stations for fall-themed crafts, activities, and snacks. Children can make corn husk dolls, bob for apples, and decorate small scarecrows to take home.

Don’t forget to include music and dance for a truly memorable seasonal celebration. Consider inviting parents and neighborhood people to join in the fun and share their own fall traditions.

Encourage kids to help decorate the classroom for the celebration, using handmade decorations with paper crafts such as paper chains, leaf garlands, and pumpkin centerpieces.

Storytime by the Campfire

Nature-inspired storytelling programs take children on a journey of discovery. Gather around a comfortable campfire (real or imagined) and share captivating stories about autumn activities for kindergarten.

Bring the stories to life with decorations and outfits, and encourage children to act out different characters or create sound effects. Introduce children to a wide range of autumn-themed books and stories, including folktales, fables, and poetry.

After the storytelling session, conduct a conversation about the themes and lessons from the stories, encouraging children to contribute their own interpretations and observations.

Garden-to-Table Cooking

Garden-to-table food activities allow you to explore the connection between food and nature. Start by planting fall vegetables in a school garden or indoor containers, then monitor their growth throughout the season.

As the children care for their plants, teach them about plant life cycles, gardening practices, and healthy eating habits. Then, collect the results of your hard work and transform them into delicious snacks or dinners.

From pumpkin soup to apple crisps, kids will enjoy experiencing the tangible results of their efforts. Encourage kids to take turns helping with meal preparation and cooking, which will teach them essential kitchen knowledge and build a sense of independence and responsibility.


As the leaves fall under our feet and the flavor of spices fills the air, let us welcome the wonders of October with open arms. So these were the seven autumn activities for kindergarten that marked the start of a season full of discovery, creativity, and endless possibilities. So, grab a scarf and gloves, and let the autumn adventures begin!

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