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7 Fun & Educational Shapes Activities for Kids

Shapes Activities for Kids

Learning about shapes is an important aspect of early childhood education. It helps children understand and organize their surroundings. Plus, it’s enjoyable! Introducing shapes through playful activities not only encourages mental growth, but also creativity and fine motor skills. Here are seven engaging activities to make learning about shapes enjoyable for your children.

Also Download a Free Worksheet of Shapes Activity to make learning more engaging.

7 Shapes Activities for Kids

1. Sort Items by Shape By Busy Toddler

Sort Items by Shape

Sorting is a great method for introducing shapes activities for kids to young children. Gather a variety of shapes, including circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. Bottle caps, blocks, and toy pieces are examples of common household items. Ask your children to sort these items into groups based on their shapes. This activity helps children recognize and differentiate between different shapes, which improves their observation and sorting skills.

2. Print with Shape Blocks By Pocket of Preschool

Print with Shape Blocks

Printing with shape blocks is a great hands-on activity that combines art and education. Provide your child with paint and blocks shaped like various geometric figures. Allow them to dip the blocks in the paint and press them onto paper to make colorful prints. This activity reinforces shape recognition while also encouraging creativity and fine motor skill development. Plus, seeing the beautiful patterns they can make is a lot of fun!

3. Assemble a Truck from Shapes By Little Family Fun

Assemble a Truck from Shapes

Kids enjoy playing with vehicles, so why not combine their interest with shape learning? Cut out various shapes from colored paper: circles for wheels, rectangles for the truck body, squares for windows, and so on. Have your child put these shapes together to make their truck. This activity is great for learning how different shapes fit together to form more complex objects. It also helps them solve problems more effectively and be more creative. 

4. Drive on Shaped Roads By Pre School Mom

Drive on Shaped Roads

Draw or tape different-shaped roads on the floor to create a fun and educational setup. For example, sketch a circular, triangular, and rectangular road. Give your child toy cars and instruct them to drive down each shaped road. You can discuss the shape of the road as they drive their cars. This interactive activity reinforces shape names and visual forms in a fun, dynamic manner.

5. Create a Shape Monster By Fantastic Fun and Learning

Create a Shape Monster

Making a shape monster is an imaginative activity that children enjoy. Provide a variety of cut-out shapes in different sizes and colors. Allow your child to choose shapes for their monster, such as triangles for ears and circles for eyes. This activity builds creativity and shows children how different shapes can be combined to create something entirely new. It’s also an excellent way to practice identifying and naming shapes.

6. 2-D & 3-D Shapes with Play Dough & Toothpicks By Science Demo Guy

2-D & 3-D Shapes with Play Dough and Toothpicks

Children can use play dough and toothpicks to make both 2-D and 3-D shapes. They can use toothpicks to outline flat circles, squares, triangles, and other 2-D shapes made from dough. To create 3-D shapes such as cubes, pyramids, and prisms, they can use play dough as joints and toothpicks as edges. This activity combines hands-on play and practical knowledge of geometric concepts.

7. Snack on Some Shapes By Chieu Urban

Snack on Some Shapes

Why not combine snack time and learning? Prepare various shaped snacks. You can use round cucumber slices, square cheese cubes, and triangular tortilla chips. While your child is eating their snack, discuss the shapes they are eating. This activity not only makes snacking enjoyable but also reinforces shape recognition in a practical setting. It’s a delightful way to learn!


Shapes are all around us, and learning about them can be both informative and enjoyable. These seven shapes activities for kids provide a variety of ways to help your child identify and understand shapes. From sorting and printing to crafting and snacking, each activity offers a distinct and enjoyable learning experience. So gather your materials and begin exploring the wonderful world of shapes with your children today!


  • Rohini

    May 28, 2024

    Thank you for these wonderful activities! My daughter enjoyed the shape matching game the most. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so educational. We had a great time playing and learning together. Looking forward to more posts like this!

  • Rohit

    May 28, 2024

    Great post! I loved the idea of using shapes to make art projects. My son and I did the shape art activity, and it turned into a fun bonding experience. We created a beautiful picture frame using different shapes, and now it’s hanging in our living room. Can’t wait to try the other activities!

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