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Wooden Floating Boat STEM Toy DIY


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Give your kids this amazing Wooden Floating Boat STEM Toy model to explore their creativity and build floating boats by hand on activities and gain valuable skills

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Wooden Floating Boat STEM Toy

Get ready to go on an exciting trip with our STEM Model of a Wooden Floating Boat mode with an electric motor! This isn’t an ordinary toy—it’s an amazing experience to nurture young minds.

Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they construct their very own boat, complete with a cool motor that drives the paddle wheel—it truly is magical!

In addition to being incredibly entertaining to put together, this model exposes children to the wonderful world of paddle wheelers and steam engines, giving them a practical understanding of how things operate. 

Package Includes:
The package includes everything needed for the DIY project kit, which includes glue, double-sided tape, mini screwdriver (if required).

you may require a lighter or scissors for certain DIY project kits.
All products come with step-by-step instruction manuals.

Batteries, Scissors (or any cutting tools), or a lighter are not included in the package.


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