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DIY Floating Ball


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Introducing your child to the wonders of STEM with our DIY STEM Science Experiment Suspension Ball Wooden Education Toy. This captivating kit allows children to create their own suspension ball using wooden components. Through experimentation and assembly, children learn about suspension and motion while honing their problem-solving abilities. This educational toy, ideal for curious minds, stimulates creativity and promotes a deeper understanding of science and engineering concepts in an engaging and enjoyable way.

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Product Specifications:

  • Product name: Air Buoyancy Density Lift Suspension Ball Assembly Model
  • Packaging: CPE sealed frosted bag (with instructions)
  • Recommend Age :12+y,6-12y,14+y
  • Product material: wood, plastic
  • Product packaging size: 22*17.5*0.6CM
  • Finished size: 17.5*8.5*.8.5CM Product
  • weight: 112.9G
  • Accessories Weight: 27.8G
  • How to use: see the manual (with an electronic guide for easy screening


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